em’s mission 

To meet the needs of its clients throughout the Uganda whether those clients are operating locally or globally.
Confidentiality of information on services provided by the Firm is one of the Firm’s key organizational policies. The Firm ensures confidentiality by applying a number of strict rules in connection with the Firm’s personnel and also in streamlining the method of handling such information.
Also by design, the firm is committed to provide clients with full range of specialized legal services by combining its unique knowledge of the inner workings.

Legal fees:

– computation of legal fees in Uganda is generally governed by the Advocates Act, Cap. 267 and the Advocates (Remuneration & Taxation of Costs) Rules Cap. 267 (4) (5).

However, the Advocates Act also allows Advocates to agree on appropriate fees with clients. This can be on a Retainer basis or other mutual agreement. The firm normally recommends computation of fees by agreement with client. Disbursements are charged on the client.

Invoices for legal fees are usually paid by cheque, bankers draft or by electronic transfer. Upon the receipt of instructions, a deposit of at least 40% of the fees is encouraged. Invoices are payable within 30 days.

Tax status:- 

The firm’s tax identification Number (TIN) is  PO1-3056-9193-C and its value Added Tax (VAT) registration number is 48636-A