Otherwise known as lawsuits. These are actions brought before a Court/Tribunal/Arbitration body by which the Parties seek damages from the opposite/other Party. Litigation involves dispute resolution of private matters between
private persons and or government.
The em Team comprises Advocates who are litigation lawyers with experience acquired over the years in litigation, should the need to represent our clients arise.
Arbitration and mediation are greatly explored under this aspect.
The em Team handles criminal litigation as well.

Technology and the Law

Technology advancement in all spheres presents advancement in the handling of legal matters. Information advancement dictates how business is conducted worldwide and so is the law. In information technological advancement the time zone ceases to make legal sense. Various legal enactments have been put in place by various Countries to protect parties under this aspect, in regard to issues like software protection, security privacy, access and usage, commerce amongst others.
The em Team advises their clients in aspects relating to Technological advancement and the law.

International trade aspects

These encompass matter related to International trade law and they include the appropriate rules and customs for handling trade between countries or between private companies across borders. International trade law connotes International law which is a system of implicit and explicit agreements that bind together nations/states in adherence to established values and standards. Considered under this aspect would include consideration of Public International law-the law that governs the relationships between states and international organizations. Here matters related to treaty law, law of the sea, international criminal law aspects and international humanitarian law are considered.
Analysis under this aspect is also accorded to Private International or conflict of laws, which would rights of clients and matters of their claims in regard to legal jurisdiction and law applicable.
International law considers as well supranational laws, which concerns rights and obligations of clients regarding regional agreements, where the special distinguishing quality is that laws of nation states are held inapplicable when conflicting with a supranational legal system.
The em Team advises on these relations and aspects of international law.

Energy Laws and all related matters.

With the continued increase in our population, there is great advancement in the field
of energy. This has led to the need to harness both renewable and non-renewable forms of energy. The processes and mechanisms adopted by the respective stakeholders always bring various laws into play. These could relate to securing of licenses, establishment of companies, execution of joint venture agreements, and preparation of supply understanding, intellectual property protection, and applicability of environmental laws inter alia. All these aspects require wise Counsel, and the em Team based on the experience in handling similar matter and expertise as a result of familiarity in dealing with aspect related to energy advises clients in the field of Energy.

Revenue Law & Taxation

The em Team advises clients on tax related matters and litigation. In a nutshell Revenue Law and Tax Law are used interchangeably and these are a codified system of laws that describe government levies on economic transactions at a given time.

Commercial Laws

The firm handles Commercial law/business law related matters. Commercial Laws basically govern business and commercial transactions. These are considered to be civil laws that deal with private law and public law.
Commercial law includes within its encompass such titles as principal and agent;carriage by land and sea; merchant shipping; guarantee; marine, fire, life, and accident insurance; bills of exchange and partnership. Corporate contracts, hiring practices, manufacture and sale of consumer goods.

Corporate Laws

We advise clients in the area of Corporate Law. Corporate law also sometimes referred to as Company Law and or Corporations Law. This arm of laws is synonymous with business enterprises in the modern word. It entails the understanding of shareholders, matters on transfer of shares, questions regarding directors, employers and employees, creditors. We advise on matters governing these aspects and broadly any stakeholders. Under this aspect the company advises clients on matters of Company law (the law of business associations); Partnerships, Trusts, Companies limited by Guarantee; joint venture and mergers, related.

Environmental Law

We handle environmental law related matters. Basically environmental law describes that set of laws that are in place to control the relations of humanity and the rest of the biophysical or natural environment, with the purposes of minimizing the impact of human activity both on the natural environment and on humankind. And this aspect, consideration is accorded to matters of conversation, ecology, sustainability amongst others. The em will advise on mechanism of harmonizing environmental protection aspects with commerce, with a view as well the sustainable development of is promoted.

Employment Laws

Sometimes referred to as Labour (Labor) Laws. These are laws, and administrative rulings and precedents which address the legal rights of and restrictions on, working people and their organizations.
The relationships between employers and employees, trade unions inter alia raise issues require critical legal advise, and we advise all aspects arising these relations.

Banking and Finance

The em Team advises clients in the field of Banking and Finance Law, keeping in line with the following main objectives of Banking, to wit; –

a) Prudential practice aimed at reduction of the level of risk bank creditors are exposed to and intended to protect depositors.
b) Reduction of the risk of disruption resulting from adverse trading conditions for banks causing multiple or major bank failures-system risk.
c) Preventing the misuse of Banks and their being used for criminal purposes, e.g. laundering the proceeds of crime
d) Protection of banking confidentiality.
e) Credit allocation–to direct credit to favored sectors.

Intellectual Property

These are understood to connote legal property rights over creations of the mind, both artistic and commercial. These cover area like Copyrights, Patents. Industrial designs, Trade Marks, artistic impressions etc. The legal property rights acquired in consequence hereof have the effect of grant exclusivity of use to the owners. 
The em Team advises clients, and handles all aspects regarding the preparation, registration and protection of aspects of intellectual property